Market buying and selling links "TeLiad"

Народная ссылка: Market buying and selling links "TeLiad"
Биржа ссылок Teliad
Effective deployment of the proposals for the sale and purchase links (ie, just the sale and purchase of text links) with the help of this exchange is very simple.
Placing direct links HTML very effective form of online advertising and even "backward" burzhuynete becoming increasingly popular.
And for the Russian-speaking webmaster is again a good opportunity to earn money by selling links excess ruble in terms of global crisis:)
Text links, designed in the form of ad unit with the help of service contain useful information.

In the area of sales and purchases of block links exchange is one of the absolute leader in the international market and is available to users around the world as much as 5 languages (unfortunately, the Russian language is not available yet, but some movement in this direction already). Perhaps, if we compare it with the Russian stock exchanges TeLiad block references, the number of advertisers and the sites on the scales, you can put the following markets:


Market purchase and sale of modular links Sape

znak-blue.gifMarket Sale of links and articles MainLink 

znak-red.gifExchange links and articles SetLinks 

znak-yellow.gifMarket buying and selling links ProPade 

znak.gifMarket sale of articles and links LinkFeed


With the new service "Content-Links" and "InLinks" link located directly to the most valuable areas of a site: directly in the content, and the text links in the content are evaluated by search engines as most important in terms of relevancy.

In principle, this market is somewhat analogous to our markets and working with contextual references, such as:
Currently in more than 75 000 places for the accommodation of the text links, 15 000 and 7 000 URL domains. All the sites are divided into 35 thematic categories.

To increase the relevance of PR and the issuance of Google, you can use this exchange and for the Russian sites. Of the pros (maybe) you will receive:

Increased traffic and increase link popularity
Access to quality-based platforms
The high level of control references
A webmaster if the site / PR site is different from zero receives:

Fixed income
Access to many foreign advertisers
Complete freedom of decision-making regarding the placement of links
Free accommodation offers for sale of text links

Now about prices and commissions for the content of links:

You can determine the cost of each link from the text.

Your account has a calculator to calculate the average price. A test calculation of the value of links in the footer for Sapy:) gave 56 euro.


Тестовый расчет стоимости ссылки в футере для Сапы

Просмотр полного изображения

Exchange automatically raises the price on its commission on the following scale:

4-6 € / US $: 50% 4-6 € / US $: 50%

6-20 € / US $: 30% 6-20 € / US $: 30%

20-50 € / US $: 20% 20-50 € / US $: 20%

over 50 € / US $: 10% from 50 € / US $: 10%

If, for example, you as the seller wishes to receive € 60 / US $, the price for the buyer is calculated as follows:

(6 * 1.5 +14 * 1.3 +30 * 1.2 +10 * 1.1) = 74.20 € / US $ (6 * 1.5 14 * 1.3 30 * 1.2 10 * 1,1) = 74,20 € / US $

In addition, the exchange always round the final amount, ie, in this case € / USD 75.

Also, Exchange checks all the new new proposals and will inform you about the unrealistic prices that you set.

And now a brief guide to action этакая operating instructions:

We turn now to Log on here (preferably for your humble servant).
We fill in all fields according to the screenshots.

Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок

Просмотр полного изображения

If something is not clear - see screenshot Russian.

Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок

Просмотр полного изображения

Then press the button "continue" and proceed to the second step of registration.

Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок TeLiad

Просмотр полного изображения

Here you select the suitable way to get money as a seller of links and method of payment links, if you acquire a reference to the exchange.

Translated briefly is as follows:
Credit notes / invoicesTax liabilityIf seller for text links, enter the type of payment.
  No / details later
   Bank Transfer

For the buyer, enter the type of payment here.
   No / details later
   Credit Card
Feel free to click the button "continue" and get another window with your data.


Check, check, push "to complete registration and receive a confirmation of the end of registration.

Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок

Enter your email address and password, click "send" and we are in the system.

When you first visit you will be granted a bonus of 15 euros for the purchase of reference and test (if you have registered as a seller and buyer).

15 евро

Also, we are happy contemplate what sites, with pr, of national and thematic accessories are available in the system. A pleasant surprise for me was the presence of 131 Russian-language site.

Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок Просмотр полного изображения

Further, all very simple. We turn to the menu item to "SELL" and chitem the following:

Sell text links
Through the menu item "Make a proposal / Make Offer". Once you have sent us a proposal, we suggest that you check the site for quality traits. If we have any requests for changes, we will inform you the details via e-mail. Please follow our instructions on the proposal form.
Note regarding the inclusion of references to the text: You must manually set the text links at themselves after the order (you can find detailed information in the FAQ). You need not include any codes or the PHP-script to your page. You will be informed by email when a buyer makes an order request. You can freely choose whether to accept the order. Then you just insert the link manually in your web page.
Give details of proposal
Type reference
You must decide what type of links you want to invite: regular block reference (InLink) or contextual links (Content-Link). You can find detailed information on frequently asked questions.

Where would you like to place a link?
You have the opportunity to place text links in different places on your site (such as header, sidebar, content area title etc.). Accommodation in the content area is more attractive to a buyer than a text link to link in the list below.

Proposal URL
Which suggest URL you would like to offer text links?
You must put in a separate proposal for each URL. You need to specify the exact address, which will be referred to. If you want to invite a reference to a sub-page, you must specify the URL in your proposal. Please note that the proposed URL must be indexed in Google.

What price you can ask?
To determine a reasonable price, and compare your specifications with prices offered by other text links. Important factors include location, number of external links, page rank in Google and PageRank (details can be found in the FAQ).
We turn now to the menu item "Make a proposal / Make Offer" and begin to fill out the form. Immediately the question arises about the type of selling links.
What is the difference between the content links, inlinks, and simple text links?

Simple text links
Link text contains an advertisement in text form with brief written information. This increases the relevance of search and thus increases the number of visitors. Text links can be placed at any desired position on the website (for example, in the content, in the navigation bar or footer).

Content links are text links with descriptive content, written by the advertiser. The buyer could order a complete section or area of the site. The buyer sets a text link to the desired location within the section. You can specify the maximum number of characters in the text.

Inlinks text links are established within the text, which the seller said. In the case of InLinks, the seller offers a specific bookable words "within existing (or future) of the text on the website, for example, in the article or comments in the blog. Unlike Content-Link, the buyer can not offer your own text, but only use proposed seller list of keywords. Nevertheless, buyers have the opportunity to suggest alternative keywords.


Буржуйская биржа покупки и продажи ссылок
Filling the required items, give the translation below:
Link type * Text link InLink Content-Link - sold Linking
If you InLink specify keywords for the links
Webpage name * - name of the page
URL * (without http://) - URL without http
Language * - language site
Display mode - hiding URL in full, not just hide or show the premium customers
Monthly price * - price per page (min.4 Euro)
Number of bookings * - The number of references (?)
Category * - Category platform
Description * - description of site
Placement * - location links
Sub-pages * - draft or not on the FDA
Text link length - the permissible length of text and links
Sending the form and receive a message from the system:

Thank you for your offer.
We'll review the proposal and will notify you by e-mail. So, please wait 1 - 2 working days and a new sentence will be activated. In some cases, moderation may take a little longer. Please note that, take a few minutes before you can see his proposal to the status of 'Check' in your account.
At the 1 review of the service, I finish, if force and time, 2 part of the review will appear shortly.

And to start working with the service I think the information is sufficient.

If there was wrong, or incorrectly translated - write in the comments immediately amended.


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