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The digital side of traveling

The digital side of travelingWe live in a day and age when we can solve most of our issues online, and planning a vacation makes no exception. We have access to all kinds of tools and platforms that can help us plan the perfect trip, and we could not be happier about it. There are no more surprises at the destination, we can choose a place after our hearts' desire, and we do not even have to make too big of an effort. Here are a few examples of what it means to plan a trip in 2018.

You can get passport photos over the internet

You probably know the drill. You go to the issuing authority, have your picture taken, pay a fee, and then you wait for your passport to arrive. Things changed in the meantime. You can find cheap passport photos online. All you need is a webcam. Your photo will be taken while you stay in front of your laptop, and the photos arrive in your mail in a couple of days. It takes less time, and the entire process is more convenient.

Electronic visas

One of the best things that happened in the past few years is that more and more countries release electronic visas. For you, that means you are no longer required to go to a diplomatic mission and apply for a visa. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a valid passport and a few other documents, and you can get your evisa in just a couple of days.

Of course, to get an electronic visa, you need to check your eligibility first. Unfortunately, not all nationalities are eligible. However, that is easy to check. Let's say that you want to go to Egypt. You need an Egypt evisa. But getting it is simpler than ever. You can use the services provided by companies like iVisa. You apply online, and they will send you the visa via e-mail is as little as three business days. There is no trip to the embassy, no hassle, and the fees are insignificant compared to a trip to the consulate.

At the same time, the application process is quite straightforward. The form is easy to handle, and you can get support in case there is something you do not understand. Even so, the fact that you can get a visa without getting out of the house is a significant improvement, and it will make the planning process a lot easier.

Apart from passport photos and visas, there are a lot more practical solutions you can find online. You can get all kinds of apps to help you with the language difference, currency, and so on. Not to mention that you can never get lost again because of offline maps. No matter how you look at it, the internet has changed the way we plan and experience a vacation. Everything is easy now, less time-consuming, and the benefits can move one. The good news is that this kind of things is evolving and improve from year to year. But until there is no need for visas and passports, what we have now is the next best thing.

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The digital side of traveling


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